November 6th, 2008

голодный кот


Итак, товарищи танцующие, спешу сообщить, что на этой неделе танцев не будет. И в связи с тем, что зала у нас больше нет, в блишайшее время танцев не предвидится. Но! Это не повод опускать руки. Настоятельно рекомендуется сходить в свою школу (лицей, институт (нужное подчеркнуть)) и спросить на счет аренды зала за денюшку. Кому не трудно, может еще поспрашивать на счет аренды в ближайших садиках и учебных заведениях. Не лишним будет отметить, что мы очень приличные и воспитанные люди))

Hi, Elrid!

I got some weird news from LJ (which is suprising ' cos nobody informed me)about Rodina and I've got something to say.
1. Don't panic.
2. No information war, no any kind of war neither. Is Elrid going to move to another sity? Don't think so. Apparently, all owners of the clubs, all principals of DK and colleges know each other. So we HAVE to be angels. Even if we are treated terrible. They've got money and power and we nothing. We have to be devilishly sly to survive.If you can't do anything, just thank the principal of Rodina sincerely for her previous kindness and ask whether she knows the other places where we can get a new class. She probably knows. Also note that we always happy to take part in Rodina's events, and we never refused when they invited us!Please keep this line if things are going awful! Try to find another class at the same moment.
3.Please note that this class is better than Mirkwoods one, also better than class in irish cultural center in London, also probably the best class in Uzhno. And we haven't payed anything for years! So it's just time to pay. I agree with ologgka that it's better to pay 12000 per month than loose that hall.And also of corse we have to do "good deeds" for them. Just speak to Ludmila Vladimirovna in friendly way. Cm'on guys she's just a human being! Tell her that we can't dance much now , 'cos 2 of us went to army, 2 of us went to... to Moskow to study at the Uni (just a little lie) then tell about open lessons, conerts for parentless lids, masterclasses, and so on... ( you can exeggerate everything). Please do your best to keep this class at least 1 or 2 days.
4. Stay together and support each other or we'll end just like "Put' Mecha"
5. Don't think about yourself, think about all Elrid and our future.
6. If you fail to keep this class try to negotiate the zo-zo hall in Rodina , and at the same time call Olga Rayevskaya. May be she'll be able to help us.
7. Nadusha, please do it yourself 'cos Vika is undoubtfully the best irish dancer on Sakhalin and also good teacher but she is too artistic creature to mess with all that stuff:} Roma is better but he can't think several steps further. Any way , you can go with one of them or ask Olou( if she has time) to help you.

Good luck! Everythin is gonna be wonderful!

Woohoo! I'm feeling like Obama delivering the most arresting speech in his life :}